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Happy Peepster 2015!

April 15, 2015

I tried to think of a few words to describe this year’s Easter Peeps competition. Some thoughts are: amazing, interactive, detailed, creative, HUGE, destroyed by Audrey. Maybe you will have an idea of how to describe them after taking a look?


First Place: Peepriodic Table of Peeps by Joshua


There was really only one photo that I could take of this one. It was all about the concept, not so much on detail. But don’t let that fool you into believing that it wasn’t agonized over. Trust me. Every single peep was analyzed for its ability to accurately represent the element for which it was chosen. Trust me. The fact that it won first place is a testament to the fact that we hang out with a lot of science nerds.

Second Place: Peep Park by Lucas


Inspired by a trip to Knott’s Berry Farm earlier this year, coupled with a balsa wood bridge that Lucas made for woodshop, this one is so full of detail it’s hard to know where to start.


How about we start with the roller coaster, “Bunny Blaze”? This roller coaster goes so fast that the bunnies’ ears are swept back by the shear force of it. Know how? Carefully placed wires. Also, notice the little trash can made of foam. Details, people.


Don’t believe me that the coaster is high? Just look at how this guy practically needs to lie down on the ground to see the top!


No trip to Peep Park is complete without taking a ride on the River O’ Peeps. Further proof that you can use hot glue to make just about anything.


A worker hands out maps. I didn’t get a good photo of it, but know that he is wearing a shirt with the Peep Park logo on it.


This peep relaxes on a handmade bench while trying to figure out how to get to his friends.


Hungry? Head on in to Bon Appepeep for a bite to eat.


Or you can also go to the Peepcorn stand. One of the peeps there is reading a newspaper.


And if you thought I was kidding about the detail, this is the picture on the wall of “Bon Appepeep,” a recreation of a famous painting (but it uses peeps).

Third Place: Peep Drive-In by Becca, Emily, and Olivia


This was their first year in the competition, but that didn’t stop them from bringing their “A” game. They created a trip to the drive-in with their peeps, which happens to be one of our favorite things to do with them (the drive-in, that is).


It boasted an actual showing of “Big Hero 6”. As you can imagine, the kids clamored around this one.


Chick’s Night Out?


Snuggling up on the hood of their car.


The littlest peep has to do whatever he can to get a good view.


Don’t forget a trip to the snack bar. Thankfully, they weren’t selling peeps.

Other Incredible Entries


Peeper Pan by Olivia


Loving the Elizabeth Tower (also known as Big Ben). And do you see how they look they are actually flying? Well, Peter, Wendy, Michael, and John are affixed with fishing wire to create the illusion.


And don’t forget the sprinkling of pixie dust!



Georgia O’Peep by Kate.

She is painting at her house. One of my favorite things about this one is that it was entirely Kate’s, from conception to completion. Kate even got to see a real painting of Georgia O’Keefe’s during spring break at a museum in San Francisco. It was pretty cool.


Kate wanted Georgia to be pink (because she’s a girl), and with a flower in her hair (to further establish that fact).


My only direct involvement in the diorama was cutting the palette from balsa wood. We draw the line at seven-year-olds wielding exact-o knives. But Kate meticulously placed the blobs of paint using toothpicks (these were later smeared together by Audrey while it was drying. Her first move in what would be a long history of peep diorama destruction).

IMG_1819compressed IMG_1817compressed

Kate also printed and cut out famous O’Keefe paintings for the walls, and crafted a vase of flowers out of clay.

ADULT COMPETITION: I’m not going to lie, it was pretty fierce this year.

First Place: Chess Peeps by Mark and Kim


This full-sized chess board was creative, beautiful, and fully functional. They glued each peep to a little metal washer so that they would stand up and still be able to be moved around the board (very inventive).


The pieces were so cool!


King Peeps and Queen Peeps


Bishops and Knights


and Rooks. I forgot to get a close-up of the pawns, but they were equally cute. Maybe you can spy them in another photo?


This is a close view of the border that went around the board. So lovely and evocative of spring.


I saw people sitting around this one playing chess all day.

Second Place: Everything is Awesome by Carl and Pat


This one also boasted an i-pad mini for viewing a clip of the movie.


Emmett peep was there,IMG_1933compressed

as was Wild Style peep.


A big part of the peeps diorama competition is knowing your audience. They played to the kids vote, and also those who are sticklers about details. Pat didn’t like the way the peeps had white edges where they were ripped apart when removed from the package, so she painstakingly painted the white spots and covered them with glue and colored sugar to match. Now that is dedication!

Third Place: PeFossep Ball by Mike and Lisa


Wow! Uhm, wow! We started getting some hints a week or two ago that this one was going to be big. When they told us they were bringing their own table for it, we knew they weren’t kidding about the size.


It’s full-sized and fully functional! But that doesn’t mean the details are lacking. Oh, no, quite the contrary.


Keeping score is done with the jelly bean scorekeeper.


After each goal, the ball comes out the ball return.


And if you need to decide who is going first, you just flip the special coin. You could get heads…


or tails.


Sponsors line the arena. The paddles are made with peeps suckers.


Here are the blueprints in case you want to make your own.


By the way, they had to take two cars so that they could kick their kids out in order to fit the peeps diorama in. At least they have their priorities straight. Also, their entry included a full page of rules so that nobody could cheat.



So, I’ve always kind of wanted to do the Wizard of Oz for a peeps diorama. Sarah, you have ruined my chances of ever doing it. There is no way I could ever compare to what happened here. Like, ever. The characters and detail were impeccable. Not to mention the copious amounts of glitter. I don’t even want to know what their kitchen table looked like after this was assembled. They’ll still be finding glitter in odd places come Christmas.


Once upon a time there was a wicked witch who had a house fall on her.


Dorothy, the only peep (to my knowledge) in our competition to have hair.


The cowardly lion. (You can find some weird stuff at the craft store.)


The scarecrow.


The tin man (he was a little hard to get a good shot of). He’d better not get too close to an open flame wrapped in all that tin foil. He is just asking to be a peeps s’more!


The wizard is hiding (and he said the lion was cowardly)!


The witch.


She actually melts!


Don’t forget about the Lollipeep Guild! I didn’t ask what she did for their little hair swirls. Are they burned? If so, I’m quite impressed. The grass is green rice!


And of course, Glinda the Good Witch. She looks fetching in her cellophane and glitter outfit. In fact, this whole diorama contained some of the best dressed peeps I have ever seen (if you’ve never tried to dress a peep, you might not know this, but it’s quite awkward. The scale and shape of them makes them difficult fashion models).


Well, you know I love a good wordplay. This one by Robert just made me laugh!


Moses Peep.


Can’t you just hear Charlton Heston saying it?

IMG_1844 compressed

Quick, little Israelite peeps! Get through the sea! What do you think of that bunny fish? Pretty creative if you ask me.


Do you remember what I was saying about dressing peeps? Kathy’s wedding party peeps are dressed to the nines using hair bows (and probably markers).


The best man and ring bearer (oops – dropped the rings).


That’s better. Don’t you love their little flowers?


The bride and maid of honor. She came straight from her quinceanera. Just kidding!


The getaway car


And the guests. I love the handmade benches too!


And they lived hap-peep-ly ever after.


Our friends who are recent transplants from Las Vegas brought us an amazing entry that made us wonder if they haven’t been secretly making peeps dioramas their whole lives. Seriously, this is your first time?


Chris and Lynn’s Blue Peep Group delighted us with lots of photoshop work,


and peeps who were hand dipped in chocolate and then frozen to look like they were wearing black suits. I never got the story on the drums, but they look like hand-dipped Oreos maybe?


I haven’t seen the show, but I’m told that they throw big balls out into the audience (hence the gumballs).


Everyone in the audience is on a date. See the bunnies with their chicks? So clever!


They told us to watch out, because next year they are going to really bring it.


Uhmmm… going to? I think they already did!


This racetrack entry by Greg and Vikki has my vote for most creative use of edible materials.


Twinkies, marshmallows, and pretzels. Almost everything was edible.


Start your engines!


He needs to learn from Lightning McQueen – you should take a pit stop before your tires burned up!


Another wheel tragedy.


Spare tires.


What about the fans watching from their RVs in the center of the track? Hilarious!


I guess Twinkies are back, but the pretzel steering wheels were the best.


Just ask Audrey, who pulled off and ate each and every one of them while nobody was looking; making this the second diorama she set her destructive hand to.

IMG_1770 compressed

This was my entry. I chose Charlotte’s Web because I wanted to play around with some handcut paper from a book. I only used paper, glue, wire, and ribbon in mine.

IMG_1772 compressed

Here are Fern and Wilbur. You can see that she has made a flower wreath for him.

IMG_1774 compressed

The trees were my favorite part. They were cut out of the pages of the book, and folded to stand up, then supported with paper-wrapped wires.

IMG_1769 compressed

I’ll give it to you straight – the sheep were a crime against peeps; each one created by cutting the heads off two chicks and gluing to the back of another chick to create the fluff. Sorry, little peeps!

IMG_1776 compressed

I had fun making it and was happy with the way it turned out. And that’s all you can really ask of a peeps diorama.


St. Peeps Island, by Scott, was most impressive in that he used things found in nature or found around our house. He only purchased raffia and dry ice. Don’t you love the little hula girls? M&M’s for coconut bras (yes, we almost always have those at our house – don’t you judge me!), the raffia that was meticulously cut and placed with tweezers along a line of glue, and flowers that were sourced from our backyard.


The surfboard is a popsicle stick that was stained (with actual stain) and a moai drawn on with a Sharpie marker. The sand is from the beach in Santa Cruz.


The trees were made of fronds cut from paper which were glued to sticks wrapped with floral tape. The coconuts were little nuts found at the park. Amazing, right?


Now let’s talk about the canoe. It’s made from bark we found on a family bike ride. The oars are cocktail forks that were shaped and then stained. The breadfruit are also little seeds found at the park. The fishing net is part of the tulle used for last year’s soccer goals. The water is spackle and paint.


It’s super cool, right?


But that’s not all. The volcano (paper mache and leftover paint from one of our walls) actually erupts. First it was just smoking a bit with dry ice.


Then it actually erupted with dry ice bubbles.


After several eruptions (and kids mauling it), it was pretty trashed. But it was oh, so cool and interactive!


By the way, Audrey eventually got her hands on it too. She pulled the hula girls out and started playing. One second, she was playing with them. The next second, not so much. She ate the heads and coconut bras right off them (glue and all).

She was definitely a destructive force in this year’s competition. You don’t even want to know what the Peepriodic Table looks like right now.

It was another great year!


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