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Watercolor Peeps Easter Decorations

April 17, 2014

IMG_8384 e1 blog

We’re kind of obsessed with Peeps around here, so I thought it would be fitting to make some decorations that reflect that. These were so easy and fun to do!

All you need is:

    • paper (watercolor paper or cards -I used these)
    • watercolor paint
    • paintbrush
    • marker for faces
    • hole punch
    • ribbon

IMG_8366 e1 blog

After making the cards (see my previous post), I made the banner as follows:

Punch the holes in the upper corners of the cards.

Tie a knot at one end of your ribbon (leaving excess ribbon to tie the banner up)

IMG_8368 e1 blog

Thread ribbon through one side of the card (I threaded my ribbon to the back because I painted my peeps too close to the top. It would probably be cuter to thread it through the front if you leave yourself enough room).

IMG_8369 e1 blog

Thread ribbon through other hole in card and tie a knot.

IMG_8370 e1 blog


Tie a knot six inches away (or your desired length depending on how far you want to space them). It’s really hard to tie a knot six inches away. I found it was much easier to get the knot started approximately six inches away, and then measure and adjust the knot as you pull it tight.

IMG_8371 e1 blog

Repeat the process until you have as many cards as you want on your banner.

IMG_8386 e1 blog


To make centerpieces, write names on extra cards. Attach each card to a wooden craft stick. Insert into wheat grass (I transferred my wheat grass into little pails purchased at the dollar spot at Target).

IMG_8388 e1 blog

Super cute and so easy!

IMG_8383 e1 blog


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  1. maisymak permalink
    May 6, 2014 8:04 am

    So cute – the watercolor is especially lovely. The grass in cans I adore. You’re certainly creative as seen by the amazing peep dioramas! I’m impressed.

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