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The Tooth Fairy

June 20, 2013


This morning I was woken by a 5 1/2 year old and I soon found myself cuddling her and saying things like:

“Well, you know, the tooth fairy is very busy and it’s hard to make it to every house.  Sometimes she just has too much work for one night.”  (True dat!)

“I’m not sure what she does with all those teeth”

“I think she’s kind of hyper and forgetful,” (actually that one was my husband’s comment)”

“I guess Santa can do it all in one night because he just has more magic”

and, unfortunately “Maybe she couldn’t find your bed because your room is so messy.”  I know.  I’m not proud of it.

It’s a sad tale.  As you  may know, she lost her first tooth.  Then she lost, lost her first tooth (her words), which is to say that it fell out, and then she lost it.  This loss was discovered exactly 34 minutes past bedtime.  An initial search was launched, but it lasted a mere two minutes due to the fact that it began 34 minutes past bedtime.  Don’t mess with bedtime, kiddos.  “We’ll look for it tomorrow,” I promised.  The next day was engulfed by basketball camps, trips to the movie theater, grandma’s house, doctor’s appointments, a trip to Costco, and a playdate.  We did not look for the tooth.  Bedtime again, and unbeknownst to me, her brother was helping her write a note to the tooth fairy explaining the situation (insert your oohing and aahing over what a sweet brother he is.  I know.  He is).  The problem with quietly written notes to the tooth fairy is the fact that she often unintentionally overlooks them, along with the fact that they were lovingly placed under the pillow.

Fast forward to this morning when her other brother was consoling her.  He told her that sometimes the tooth fairy leaves you more than just a dollar when it’s your first tooth.  So, when she woke up tomorrow, there might be not one, but two or three dollars there.  In fact, some kids at school even get five dollars for every tooth they lose.  Seriously, people?  Five dollars!  You realize they have like 20 teeth to lose, right?  Do we really have to be in it for $100?  When she was told she might receive up to five dollars for her lost, lost tooth she asked, “What about six?”  Oh yeah, baby.  We’re raising them right!  Needless to say, the tooth fairy will visit tonight, even if it takes setting every alarm in our household.  And, let’s face it, she’s probably going to pay a little extra for being so “hyper and forgetful”.

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  1. Max permalink
    February 15, 2014 3:42 pm

    Tooth fairy

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