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New Year’s Resolutions – Checking it Off the List

June 3, 2013


One of my new year’s resolutions this year was to learn how to use Adobe Illustrator.  I’ve had it on my computer for several years, and always wanted to learn how to use it, but it never happened.  So this year I wrote down my goal.  Then I bought Adobe Classroom in a Book and went through each chapter.  It was a great and affordable way to learn the basics of Illustrator.  After this I felt very capable and super awesome.

I decided to take an online class from Alma Loveland at Nicole’s classes.  It was a really fun class, and Alma was great!  She REALLY knows what she’s doing and she’s totally willing to share her big brain with you.  It was so nice to have someone to e-mail my many questions to instead of spending endless hours searching the web and youtube.

Unfortunately, I realized that I really need a lot more practice and should probably take a class about how to illustrate so I can learn some basics about perspective, shading, etc… (see my illustration above…yeah, lots of work needed), but that’s okay!  The other thing I really loved about the class was being able to see the other student’s work in the student gallery.  It was very inspiring to see what I could work toward!  Nicole’s classes has a lot of other classes too like photography, photoshop, watercolor painting, even sewing!  If you’re trying to learn something new, you should definitely check out Nicole’s classes!  (They also have lots of excellent free tutorials)

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