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A Visit with Cousin Alice

May 30, 2013



This is Cousin Alice.  She is my dad’s second cousin.  She’s 95 years old and lives in San Francisco, a few blocks from Golden Gate Park.  What an amazing woman she is!  What fun we had visiting her!  She decorates her entire house for Halloween, Christmas and Easter.  And when I say her entire house, I mean it.  She must have at least 15 boxes of decorations for each holiday.  There are little curios hiding in every corner and peeking out from every shelf.  She puts them all up and takes them all down by herself!

While we were there, Alice told us stories of the home she lives in, which she moved into in 1935 as a new bride and how she and her husband raised their six children there.  She told us how the area all around her house used to be sandlots, and she would have to go sweep all the sand off the porch every day.  She showed us incredible photographs from an era when men wore hats and people dressed up to go out.

There is something urgent about the stories of a 95 year old woman.  The words are thicker.  They cling to the air and swirl about the room just a little bit longer than ordinary words, hoping to be caught and preserved before they’re lost forever.

Cousin Alice is an amazing woman!  She is so happy and positive!  We are already looking forward to visiting her again!

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