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Easter Peeps Dioramas

April 26, 2013

I know, Easter feels like it was ages ago.  But I’ve been busy.  I finally found the time to upload all the pictures to share with you our second annual peeps diorama competition.  If you thought last year’s competition was fierce, wait until you see what people came up with this year! KIDS DIVISION First up is “Peeps on Parade”, the only mobile entry.  A skateboard float being pulled by an RC car – so creative! IMG_7966 e2 Here’s a closeup of the float and the peeps blimp in the air: IMG_7968 e2 IMG_7967 e2 Next we have “Rapeepzel”.  Rapeepzel, Rapeepzel, let down your long, golden hair. IMG_7953 e2 She couldn’t resist being photographed with her diorama: IMG_7952 e2 A Peep Bakery.  I believe it was a Cake Boss reference, which is one of her favorite shows. IMG_7980 e2 IMG_7982 e2 A Peep Army Base: IMG_8028 e2 It’s complete with new recruits (don’t they look a little scared?) learning all about boot camp and what their uniforms will be (hanging on the wall). IMG_8025 e2 IMG_8024 e2 As well as peeps in fighter pilots and soldier peeps in formation: IMG_8027 e2 IMG_8026 e2 A peep rodeo: IMG_7969 e2 Including fans wearing their cowboy hats: IMG_7972 e2 This one’s ready to go out into the ring: IMG_7971 e2 And this poor peep, who will likely need a visit to the peep infirmary after his untimely fall and subsequent goring by the bull: IMG_7970 e2 Finally, in the kids division we have “Montipeepo”, home of the 3rd president of the United States, Thomas Jefferspeep. IMG_8016 e2 You’ll notice the dried tobacco leaves to the right. IMG_8018 e2 A removable roof gives you a peek into the inside of Montipeepo. IMG_8019 e2 The Jefferspeep children eating a meal: IMG_8023 e2 And Thomas Jefferspeep’s office, complete with a bookshelf full of books (he started the first library, you know), many of which were written by him. IMG_8022 e2 ADULTS DIVISION Not to be outdone by the kids, the adults mainly joined forces to complete their dioramas. We’ll start with Jurassic Park IMG_8029 e2 This entry incorporated many of the iconic scenes from the original movie, including the peep who was interrupted by a t-rex during his trip to the outhouse: IMG_8030 e2 The cow peep being fed to hungry dinosaurs by crane: IMG_8031 e2 The peep who ended up inside the dinosaur cage.  Those dinosaurs are crafty! IMG_8035 e2 And, of course, the velociraptors attacking the poor little peeps: IMG_8034 e2 This entry had an amazing diversity in its use of peeps, as well as a great “true to the movie” quality. Speaking of good use of diversity in peeps, check out our next entry, “Peep Dynasty”, aka Duck Dynasty. IMG_7960 e2 I like how she used the chicks as ducks and the bunnies as people IMG_7964 e2 IMG_7962 e2 And the Robertson family is all there including their sparkles, camo, and especially their beards! IMG_7961 e2 She hand painted the background too – she’s so artistic! Next up we have Firemen Peeps IMG_8009 e2 IMG_8010 e2 A tribute to our heroes, these peeps have the added benefit of pipe cleaner arms (which come in very handy when you’re trying to hold axes, the jaws of life, and fire extinguishers). IMG_8013 e2 Come on down to Peepardy: IMG_7999 e2 with your host “Alex Trebeak”.  The contestants have tiny little clickers (you’ll notice that only one of them is right-handed) IMG_8001 e2 IMG_8002 e2 And a working game board with Easter-themed questions in categories such as “Mixed Chicks, Peeps Like Us, Bunny 411, Easter Symbols, and Jelly Beans” IMG_8003 e2 Our next entry was a peeps bento box.  This entry boasts being entirely edible with rice krispy treats as the rice, fruit roll-ups filling in for nori, laffy taffy as wasabi, chocolate sauce instead of soy sauce, and of course a variety of peeps make up the different types of fish.  Very creative! IMG_8004 e2 IMG_8008 e2


Our next entry was a Gotham City Bank Robbery

IMG_7977 e2


The windows and lettering were all done by hand – it’s quite amazing what you can do with a ruler and a sharpie marker if you’re super talented!

IMG_8041 e2


And check out the detail given to each of the characters:

IMG_8043 e2


IMG_8046 e2


Super cool!

IMG_8039 e2


Our final entry in the adults division was the Peeps cruise ship.  These guys are headed on a Mediterranean cruise this summer, so they’ve got relaxation on the brain!

IMG_8064 e2


Shuffleboard any peep?

IMG_8051 e2


Don’t forget your passport

IMG_8052 e2


And don’t forget to write letters home

IMG_8060 e2


(You’ll notice that the peeps getting on the ship are classic yellow, while those that have been on the ship for a while have gotten a tan!)  Party in the peep-shaped pool (by the way, the creators of this diorama encourage you to never google the words peep and pool together – just don’t do it)!

IMG_8062 e2

Party on the Lido deck!

IMG_8055 e2


The cruise ship was this year’s winning entry.  Lest you be unconvinced by the photos, I have one word for you: polyurethane.  Yep, they actually polyurethaned the popsicle sticks used for the pool deck.  The others were meticulously laid out and painted.  Also, the peeps recline on lounge chairs hand-crafted from popsicle sticks.  Simply amazing!


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