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Fighting For Your Passion

March 27, 2013


Meet Devin Graham.  He shoots amazing videos which he posts on youtube.  “Really?” you ask.  “Amazing?  Are you sure?  I’ve seen a lot of things posted to youtube.”  I agree.  There’s a lot out there, and very little of it can be categorized as amazing.  But Devin’s videos don’t disappoint.  He consistently posts videos that make your jaw drop.  Check out some of his videos, like The World’s Largest Rope Swing, Wingsuit Racing, Festival of Colors, Flyboard Water JetPack (this one looks so cool – I totally want to try it!), Canal Boarding, a quick video about Bethany Hamilton (Soul Surfer – have you seen that movie?  If not, you should!), a video about Kauai (one of my favorite islands), and one about Tahiti (which I was lucky enough to visit upon graduating from college).

Doesn’t his life look awesome?  He looks like he’s having fun all the time.  He is doing what he loves.  He is living the dream.  But it hasn’t just happened to him.  He has worked hard for it.  He fights for his passion.  I think he’s so inspiring!  What is your passion and what are you doing to make it part of your life?

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