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Good Sleep = Good Mom

January 30, 2013

aud sleep 6771 e1

We started some sleep training around our house.  I’m terrible at sleep training.  Someone asked me advice about it the other day.  I laughed at her and told her I was the worst person on earth to ask about kids sleeping through the night.  Case in point:  Lucas slept through the night when he was two.  Josh was born two months later.  Josh slept through the night when he was two and a half.  Kate slept through the night when she was two weeks old (obviously a fluke).

But the other day I read this blog post and I thought, “What?  It’s possible for a twelve-week-old baby to sleep for 12 hours!!!  Then, I thought that maybe it was possible for me to teach Audrey to sleep through the night.  Also, I read the book Bringing Up Bébé last summer, and that gave me some ideas and hope too.  So I decided to give it a try.  The first night she slept 10 hours (waking up twice – once at 3:33 am and once at 4:44 am, before she settled in until 7:00 am).  Ten whole hours!  It was dreamy!  And the next day I turned from monster mom into a person who is actually nice to be around.  The kids and I were joking and having fun and I was better able to deal with the problems that did come up.  Three cheers for sleep!

Last night wasn’t nearly as successful, but it was because she didn’t really get a nap all day, so she fell asleep in her clothes at 6:30 pm.  When she woke up at 2:30 am her bed was wet because I hadn’t changed her before she went to sleep for the long haul.  But still, it was eight hours!  I’m so excited!  I might become a real person again!

aud sleep_6776 e1

Here’s Kate with her the other day.  I kept hearing Kate say to the boys, “Can you please be a little bit quieter for the baby?”  I finally went in the room to see why the baby needed so much quiet, and saw that Kate had gotten her to sleep.  So sweet!  She’s such a little mother!

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