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Photo Friday – Get in the Picture!

January 25, 2013


I hate having my picture taken – absolutely hate it!  Growing up I was always the fat sister and always the chubbiest of my friends (and it’s still that way).  Being in a photo was just undeniable evidence that everyone around me was tinier than me.  Having kids hasn’t done my body any favors, so I think I’m in even fewer photos as time goes by.  However, a few years ago I was looking through some family photo albums and I found some amazing old pictures.




I love old pictures, and these were of my ancestors.  I remember when I saw my great grandmother in particular, I felt a connection with her.  I was so happy to have seen that picture.  One day I was thinking about that picture and I realized that if she had been too vain, and wished to not be photographed because she was unhappy about the way she looked, I never would have had the opportunity to see it.  I would have no idea what she looked like.  I wouldn’t have felt that connection to her.  And I decided I needed to get over myself and get some pictures taken so that my great grandchildren could know what I looked like.  Soon after that we had these family photos done, and I love them!  We haven’t had any done since then, so it’s time to do it again, but we’re waiting until Audrey can hold herself up a bit more so she doesn’t just look like a blob.

Maybe this post doesn’t resonate with anyone.  Maybe everyone out there is happy with the way they look in pictures, and loves to have them taken of themselves.  But if you’re like me, this post is a gentle reminder that someday you’ll be happy you got in front of the lens instead of staying behind it all the time!  Get in the picture!



(Our family photos were done by Camille Garrison – I wish she still lived by me to do our photos this year!)


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  1. Monica Sattley permalink
    May 6, 2013 3:03 pm

    Lisa, you should read this blog:

    I have been wishing you would be in more pictures for the last few years (ever since I’ve noticed that you don’t ever put yourself on your Christmas cards and Mother’s Day videos).

    Anyway, yes, you definitely need to get in the picture more often, before your kids are gone and they have no photos of themselves with you!

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