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Teuscher Chocolate – A Heavenly Treat

January 11, 2013


On the day that Audrey was supposed to be born, but was decidedly not born, my husband came home with a treat for me from the Teuscher store in San Francisco.  He knew I had a disposition that only chocolate could fix and he brought me a bar of dark chocolate with toasted almonds.  It’s no secret that I love chocolate, and as I get older I seem to become even more picky about the chocolate I consume – let’s say I’m a connoisseur – that sounds so much nicer, doesn’t it?  This was without a doubt the best chocolate I’ve ever eaten!  It is not cheap, so it’s something to be reserved for special occasions, and that’s okay because it’s actually a real treat to have a piece.  So, the next time you need a really good piece of chocolate, consider Teuscher.  They don’t have a lot of stores in the US, so you’ll probably have to order it.

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