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Breakfast is Fun Again

January 10, 2013

06 June 2012-001[5]

Meet the creations of Nate Shields at Saipancakes.  So fun, right?  He started out by using a mustard bottle filled with pancake batter to make fun designs for his kids.


As time went by, he started trying different techniques and his pancake creations got even more amazing.

21 - 5_27_12 Vegetables[5]

I found his website through my aunt Alma, who is also Nate’s aunt.  However, we’re only realted through a series of marriages, which means we’re not really related at all.  But I still think his pancakes are super cool!


Even if you’re not ready to serve up a portrait of Einstein tomorrow morning, you can still make breakfast easier by purchasing one of these pancake pens from Williams Sonoma.


We’ve had one for a while and I love it because I can make the pancake batter the night before (since I prefer to make mine from scratch), and then when you wake up in the morning you just heat up the griddle and make pancakes to your heart’s content.


I usually just stick to the kids’ initials though, but every once in a while I whip out the Star Wars pancake molds.

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