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Shadow Box Art

January 9, 2013

IMG_5273 e1

Every once in a while I do a project and it turns out exactly as I had imagined it.  This was one of those projects.  I had wanted to make a shadow box scene using some of the art of one of my favorite illustrators, Sarah Jane.  This will hang in the girl’s room next to one of Sarah Jane’s art prints which I purchased and framed, as well as several of her embroidery patterns  I made.

IMG_5250 e1

I started out by picking several of the paper dolls from her collection.  I printed them on cardstock and cut them out (cutting off the tabs to hold the clothes on).

IMG_5252 e1

Then I laid them out on my background, which consisted of a piece of blue cardstock for the sky and a printout of the background used in Sarah Jane’s Peter and the Wolf Puppet Show.

IMG_5251 e1

I was pretty happy with my first setup, but I didn’t like the way the red-haired girl was looking out of the frame, so I switched her to the other side.  I planned to make a kite for the boy to hold.

IMG_5260 e1

The kite was made from a piece of red cardstock cut into a diamond with toothpicks for the sticks, a strand of embroidery thread for the string, and a different color of embroidery for the tail, which I tied with small bits of thin ribbon.  The kite was held together with hot glue.

IMG_5261 e1

Once everything was ready I attached the pieces to the background using white glue for pieces I wanted to have lay flat (like the clothes and the picnic blanket), and foam mounting tape
to give dimension to the other pieces (like the cups, flowers, cookies, etc..).  I varied the height of the accessories by using multiple layers of foam tape on some of the pieces, and only one piece of foam tape on other pieces.  This gave the piece even more dimension.

IMG_5273 e1

Then I put it in the frame and it was done!  Now I just need to get my husband to hang it on the wall in the girl’s room.  As I seem to have a deficiency when it comes to hanging things level I have been banned from hanging frames on the wall.

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  1. January 9, 2013 8:14 pm

    So cute. . .love when a project goes right.
    Glad you’re working on this and not tidying up your bulletin board.
    Just get out the hammer and pretend you’re about to hang the picture when your husband is home. He’ll hang your picture for you immediately! 🙂

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