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Audrey: The Baby Announcement

November 29, 2012

Audrey: The Baby Announcement

This announcement was inspired by the fact that I can never remember my kids’ names for the first few weeks after they’re born. I had a particularly difficult time when Josh was born because he was originally going to be named Asher. My mom told me that maybe I should get a “Hello My Name Is” sticker and put it on him for a few days until I could remember his name. I laughed, but secretly considered it because I was struggling so much!

I created this announcement in Photoshop.  For the chevron border I used these free photoshop patterns from the darling blog.   I used the eyedropper in photoshop to make it match the colors of Audrey’s hat.  The font is Bebas, which you can find here.  I crocheted the hat using a pattern from Tippy Toppers (my first crochet project).

I finally feel like I’m re-entering society a bit (I got 5 consecutive hours of sleep the other night – woo hoo!), so I hope to be posting more soon (and I promise, I have other things to post besides pictures of my baby)!

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  1. November 29, 2012 11:07 am

    Keep the baby pics coming…I love them! Thanks so much for sending me the announcement…we ooohed and ahhhed over the wee one and your excellent photography. Maybe I should use photoshop eyedropper since my shirt does not match the red in our new Christmas card. Sigh… Asher is a nice name – like My Name is Asher Lev? Josh is nice too 🙂 Hope you keep getting sleep!


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