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Brannan the Bear – Our Favorite Stuffed Animal

July 20, 2012

Kate has been through three of these bears from the Gap (actually four, but one of them got left at Disneyland).  He is our favorite lovey, mainly because he’s easy to replace.  They almost always have him in stock at the Gap, so if you leave one behind or need one that has more fuzz, it’s easy to pick another one up.  When she was a baby, Kate liked to pull the fuzz out of her teddy bear as she was falling asleep.  Poor Bearsy, he was the first to suffer from this child-driven alopecia.  One day Kate stopped sleeping through the night.  It was around this same time that I noticed Bearsy was pretty much picked clean of fur.  After a few more nights of her waking up I got myself to the Gap to see if the bear was the problem.  It turned out it was.  She wouldn’t accept the new bear until he was properly named, though, and Buzzy was born.  A few weeks later I bought Brownie, just to have a spare around.  She has since given up her fur picking habit, but there is no doubt that these bears have been well loved!

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  1. October 9, 2012 1:36 pm

    First time I am stopping by.
    Came across these lovely photos. Ahhhh !!

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