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Easy to Sew 4th of July Banner

June 26, 2012

4th of July Banner

Fourth of July is my favorite holiday.  It is the perfect embodiment of summer, which is my favorite time of year.  In the morning we usually start off with a pancake breakfast and maybe a bike parade for the kids.  Then, we often go waterskiing and have a bbq, and top it off with a fireworks show.  It’s great, and I love it!  If you feel like your 4th of July decorating could use a little bit of help, here’s an easy to make banner.

First, gather an assortment of patriotic fabrics.

Next, make a pattern.  I used a piece of paper, a t-square, and a yardstick, but a ruler or anything with a straight edge would work just fine too.  I wanted a triangle, so I first cut a rectangle, folded it in half lengthwise, and drew a line from the top edge to the fold.  Cut it out and voila!  You have a pattern.

Now cut your shape out of your fabrics.  You’ll need two pieces for each penant you make.

Put two pieces of the same fabric right sides together (the right side is the one where the print is darker), and sew along the long edges.

Turn your triangles inside out and press them with an iron.  Then pin a ribbon along the top edge, folded over so the edges of the ribbon match up right near the tops of your triangles.

Sew the ribbon with a stitch very close to the edge near the fabric.

4th of July Banner

Hang it up and you’re ready to celebrate!

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