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Pinterest Demystified

April 26, 2012

I love Pinterest, but I never go on there.  Part of it is because my internet connection is so slow (curse you, phone company!  The more I pay for your service, the less reliable it seems to be).  Part of it is because I can’t get that pin it bookmarklet to work properly on my computer, so I have to jump through hoops to pin anything at all.  Part of it is because I find it somewhat overwhelming, and always feel like I’m doing it wrong, or infringing on someone’s rights (I guess as a photographer I’m extra sensitive to people taking images and using them any way they like).  Over the last few weeks I’ve seen several great articles out there in the blogosphere about how to use Pinterest, so I thought I’d share in case you feel the same frustrations I do.

The first is from Stephanie at Stephmodo.  She wrote a wonderful article complete with lots of screenshots that will tell you how to pin, as well as pinning etiquette: such as how to give appropriate credit and how to include links back to the original source.

Then, today I stumbled upon a great article by Rowena at Warriorgirl.  She focused on how to organize your boards so that Pinterest is a useful tool in creating things, not just a time waster.

I highly recommend you check them both out!  They definitely inspired me to get a little bit more comfortable with Pinterest.  (But don’t expect my pins to start multiplying anytime soon…I’m just too busy right now!)

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