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Hangin’ With My Peeps

April 13, 2012

Every year for Easter we have a dinner along with a big Easter egg hunt which everyone (adults included) participates in.  There is a golden egg, filled with candy and $10, along with a silver egg that is filled with all chocolate candies (no jelly beans here).  This year we added to the festivities with a Peeps Diorama Competition, and let me tell you, the competition was fierce!  Isn’t that always the case when the prizes were procured at a the dollar store?  Participants were told to think of pop culture or something happening in their lives as ideas.  Here are the entries:

AT&Peep Park

Complete with Brian Wilson’s Beard and an infield made of brown sugar and icing.

Ax Peeps, to mimic the show Ax Men on History Channel

A Peep Birthday Party

A Peep Classroom – No Peep Left Behind!

Peep Driver’s Ed Gone Wrong – Ketchup and Peeps, an unholy mix to be sure!

A Visit to the Doctor – With an Ultrasound Picture that was Photoshopped to add bunny ears

Angry Peeps!  They want their Easter Eggs Back!

And Chick-it or Ticket!  Fasten that seatbelt (or peep-belt!)

In the kid’s category we had a scene from Star Wars (those Peeps are holding lightsabers, not impaled by pipe cleaners), Peeps at a movie theater watching Star Wars, Peeps hanging out under cocktail umbrellas, and a beach scene with Peeps hanging out under cocktail umbrellas (that’s the sun, not the eye of sauron).

It was a very fun competition, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it makes an appearance next year!




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