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If Loving You is Wrong, I Don’t Want to be Right

March 7, 2012

Is it wrong to be this in love with a household appliance?  Okay, maybe not wrong, but certainly a little strange.  It just reinforces the point that if you want to do something, you’ll be much happier if you have the right tools.

Our vacuum cleaner bit the dust.  It still worked, but it sounded like an airplane was taking off from inside our house while it was in use.  Not good.  When I saw that the Dyson DC33 was on sale, I got serious about my research.  I have to admit, I was still nervous about spending more than $300 for a vacuum cleaner, mainly because vacuum cleaners don’t last very long around our house (maybe I should try to maintenance them more, but let’s be honest…I’m just happy if I can get the house vacuumed at all).  But I am in love with this vacuum cleaner!  It’s light (my kids can use it – hooray!) and well designed (they put the wand right in the handle).  It truly does have superior suction; my carpets look better than they ever have.  It makes it fun to vacuum when you can actually see results.  So, we’ll have to see how long it lasts the abuse of our household, but so far I’m sold!

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