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Three Kitchen Items I Couldn’t Live Without

January 10, 2012

I have a small kitchen, so I don’t have a lot of space for extra gadgets.  However, there are a few tools for the kitchen that I consider indispensable.

1) The Kitchenaid Stand Mixer: I got mine about 7 years ago, as a total surprise from my husband for Valentine’s Day.  I love it.  I use it all the time.  Bread, cakes, cookies, whipped cream…this baby has done it all.  It’s the hardest working appliance in our house.

2)  Williams Sonoma’s odd-sized measuring cups.  I just got them for Christmas, and I have already used them so much.  They say that cooking is an art, while baking is a science.  Baking requires you to be very precise with your measurements.  That means the fewer measurements you have to make, the more likely you are to get it right.  To add 6 cups of flour to a batch of bread, I can use my 1 cup measure six times, or my 1 1/2 cup measure four times…and be much more likely to get it right.  (Of course, you should really use a digital scale to measure your flour, but I don’t have one yet.)

3)  Kitchenaid Immersion Blender.  It’s perfect for big jobs and little jobs.  A huge pot of hot butternut squash soup can be easily blended without having to transfer batches of piping hot soup to a blender and then back to another pot to keep it warm.  With the added attachments, this one is also a mini-food processor (great for making salsa), and a whisk attachment for egg whites or whipped cream.  Plus, the milkshake attachment makes easy work of a late night treat!

What are your favorite tools in the kitchen?

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  1. January 10, 2012 12:33 pm

    i couldn’t leave without tongs lol 🙂

    • Lisa permalink*
      January 10, 2012 3:30 pm

      So true! Tongs are essential!

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