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Amazon is Taking Over the World – and I’m kind of OK with it

January 6, 2012

I might never leave my home again.  For Christmas, my awesome husband got me this:

I wasn’t expecting it, as I had asked for the $79 kindle.  I was surprised and very excited and I love this thing!  Plus, it came with a free month of Amazon Prime.  I know you know about Amazon Prime, and maybe you’ve even thought about joining.  I have to say that after just two weeks, I’m hooked! 

The other day, I was out feeding the rabbit when I noticed he was almost out of food.  I walked back into the house to look at my calendar and see when I could schedule a trip to the pet food store, when I realized that maybe I could just order it from Amazon.  In one click, I was done, and it was going to be delivered in two days for free.  Seriously, it took me one minute.  A trip to the pet store would have taken me at least an hour.  I would have loaded everyone in the car, driven to the pet store, gotten everyone out of the car, walked down the rabbit food aisle, picked up the rabbit food, been dragged to see the fish, been dragged to see the gerbils, then I would have spent at least 20 minutes explaining to Josh why we can’t buy another toy for the bunny (or worse, a giant hampster ball so the bunny can hop/roll around our house), paid for the rabbit food, gotten everyone back in the car and driven home.

Then yesterday I was tidying up when I saw my label maker on the desk.  It ran out of label tape last week.  I had looked for a replacement at Target, but they didn’t carry the label tape.  So it sat on my desk in order to remind me that at some point I would need to go to the office supply store.  Well, wait a second.  Another two minutes on Amazon, and the label tape was ordered…to be delivered to my doorstep in two days.

I haven’t figured out what I’m going to do with all that extra space in my brain that used to be relegated to remembering things I needed to buy, and mapping out the best possible route to get all these errands done.  I just know that if they offered groceries on Amazon, I really might never leave my house again!  And you should get a Kindle Fire.  It doesn’t disappoint!

Kindle Fire, Full Color 7″ Multi-touch Display, Wi-Fi

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  1. January 8, 2012 12:43 pm

    Very convincing. I don’t know anything about Amazon prime but maybe I should check it out!

  2. Chris permalink
    January 11, 2012 3:51 pm

    We get it free because we have a monthly order of (way too many) diapers through amazonmoms. I love it so much. The other day our tv remote exploded from having Eloise throw it on the tile one too many times…5 dollars and 5 minutes later, (and I suppose two days) we have a replacement.

    • Lisa permalink*
      January 20, 2012 4:22 pm

      Oh, Eloise! You naughty girl!

  3. January 14, 2012 8:59 pm

    Well, you know I love Amazon! I got a KindleFire too!

    • Lisa permalink*
      January 20, 2012 4:23 pm

      I know, Vikki! You were my gateway to being hooked on Amazon Prime. Now I don’t have to bug you with my requests to buy me stuff. I hope you’re loving your kindle fire as much as I am!

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