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Bento Box with Ham

January 4, 2012

Photo by Carlos Porto

Every once in a while your kids say something that makes you feel like, for that moment, you are not a complete failure as a parent. 
Yesterday I was out working in the yard when Kate came out to me and said, “Mom, you know those bento boxes that have ham in them?”  I couldn’t figure out what she was talking about.  A bento box with ham in it?  After a bit of investigation I realized that she was talking about the fact that we had bought a few Lunchables that day.  Now, I’m generally opposed to Lunchables, just because I think they’re kind of gross.  But Josh has been having a bit of a hard time with the return to school after winter break, and the Lunchables were on sale for $1, so I bought a few since he likes them (or at least claims to like them). 
What I realized though, is that Kate has seen more bento boxes in her life than she has seen Lunchables.  And that made me happy.  Out of the one to two million things we are in charge of in order to be sure these kids are raised somewhat properly, at least we have succeeded in one!
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  1. Chris permalink
    January 11, 2012 3:45 pm

    Bento box with ham. Awesome. I don’t think I knew what a bento box was until just a few years ago.

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