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Merry Christmas From the Longs!

December 27, 2011

Please forgive my indulgence in just a little bit more Christmas.  I find that by the time Christmas finally arrives, I’m exhausted…almost too tired to enjoy it.  Christmas day is a bit of a marathon for us, trying to fit everything in and spend time with two sets of extended family.  Eventhough none of my family was here this year, we still spent the day running. 

So, every year I give myself the week between Christmas and New Year’s as my time to celebrate Christmas.  The cards have all been sent out, treats have been delivered, presents have been wrapped and unwrapped.  Now it’s my time to relax and contemplate the season.  I leave the Christmas decorations up without apology and I take some time for myself.  So, in the spirit of my extended Christmas, here is a peek at our Christmas card this year. 

To answer the most commonly asked question about this card: yes, the bed is really out in a field.  We used two camping airbeds stacked on each other and all the bedding from our actual bed.  It actually didn’t take very long to do, and my kids enjoyed it more than any other photo session we’ve ever done.  It was a win-win.  This year we did a tri-fold card on pearl paper.  They turned out beautiful – I was very happy!


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