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It Was the Best of Days, It Was the Worst of Days

December 22, 2011
Photo by Evgeni Dinev

Winter Solstice – today is the shortest day of the year.  Which makes it the best day and the worst day at the same time.  It’s the worst day because it’s the shortest day of the year (duh), but it’s the best day of the year because the days only get longer from here.  (Actually, let’s be realistic…it’s the second best day of the year.  The Summer Solstice is better, because it’s the longest day of the year.) 

I grew up in a family who loves the sun.  One year we had a summer solstice party where we wanted to see how late into the night we could actually waterski.  It was almost 9:00 (but I’ll be honest, we were pushing it!)  And my brother calls my dad every year on the summer solstice to wish him a happy summer solstice.  
Tonight you should plan on snuggling up by the fire with a good book or maybe a movie to celebrate the winter solstice, but don’t worry because brighter days are ahead!  Happy Winter Solstice! 
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