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Baking Party

October 7, 2011

Autumn is the season of celebrations at our house.  From mid-September until Christmas we have a major event (birthday, anniversary, or major holiday) every week or two.  Every year I decide that this year I’m going to be ready.  This year I will not leave things to the last minute.  Every year I’m wrong.  Every year “birthday season” almost kills me. 

Kate said that she wanted to do a cooking party for her birthday.  I found party plans for this adorable party at One Charming Party.  It made things a lot easier.  I made some changes, since I was dealing with four-year-olds, I wasn’t about to make tartlets with them.  So, we made pizzas and decorated cupcakes. 

I also made aprons for the kids using this apron pattern  from Sew Liberated.  (For the girls I cut the pattern 3″ shorter and made three ruffles that were 3″ by 22″.  I gathered them and attached the first two before sewing the lining to the front.  The third ruffle was attached to the bottom at the end in lieu of a hem.)  I just used fabric scraps from previous projects. 

And I made chef hats (they were really easy!) using this pattern from You Can Make  I decided to skip the velcro and just made them all one size.  It’s basically just a band of fabric attached to a gathered circle.  So easy!

It was a fun party, and I’m in love with One Charming Party.  I also bought the art party which we will be using for Josh’s birthday (two weeks before Christmas!  I will need all the help I can get!)

Kate had fun and the party guests did too!  Plus, because they decorated cupcakes I didn’t have to decorate a cake (which is not one of my talents!)  My mom came over and helped with the party which made it so much more fun for me!  Thanks, mom!  You’re the best!

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