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Joyeux Quatorze Juillet !

July 14, 2011

french flag

July 14th is Bastille Day.  We always celebrate Bastille Day at our house.  No, we’re not French, nor do we even have any French ancestry.  It actually started eight years ago when we were two days away from moving.  I had been packing all day and hadn’t had time to make dinner, so when my husband got home from work I said, “Hey, it’s Bastille Day – let’s go out and get crepes!”  Ever since then we have celebrated Bastille Day.  Sometimes we go out and get crepes and take them to a park to eat.  Other times I make crepes at home.  It’s a great excuse to make a simple dinner in the middle of summer!  This year I’ll be making crepes (this is the recipe I use from Alton Brown), baked eggs (oeufs en cocotte) using these instructions, and a simple salad. 

I like the tradition of celebrating Bastille Day.  I find that it’s hard to form family traditions because we often change our plans around the major holidays depending on what’s going on.  (Ie: sometimes we’re traveling to another relative’s house, sometimes we go to both sides of the family, sometimes people come into town and we stay home.)  By celebrating holidays that aren’t commonly celebrated, we’re able to maintain a consistent tradition.

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