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Pretty Packaging

June 13, 2011

The last two weeks of school almost killed me.  My kids had so many fieldtrips, and for each one I was told that they were going to have to cancel the trip if I didn’t drive.  So, I pushed everything aside and drove on fieldtrips (four in the last week of school alone).  This meant that things like teacher gifts took the back seat and got kind of lame.  Now, by lame I don’t mean the gift was lame – because I think a gift card to (or Amazin’ .com as Josh calls it) is pretty great.  I mean, really, if you can’t buy something on Amazon, you should probably ask yourself if you need to be buying it at all.  But gift cards are kind of a lame gift, because there’s nothing creative or personal about them.

So, anyway, I felt like I needed to make them look a little cuter.  I used these boxes from the $1 section at Target, then I shredded some pages of an old book to use as packaging.

Then I used this flower punch from JoAnn to make flowers out of pages from the same book.

I punched about 12 flowers, then glued them together with a dot of glue in the center of each punch.  After they dried, I fluffed them up.  I think they turned out pretty cute, and made my lame gift a little less lame.  I added a little tag that said, “Happy Summer Reading!” and they were done.

(I got the inspiration for the flowers here at Creativity in Progress)

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